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Product Information


Colour : Amber 2981

Description :

A pure aniline leather dyed twice to give depth and richness of colour with an even appearance.  The slow and gentle tanning process gives a wonderful soft hand and velvety touch.  Scotchgarde is added during dyeing for protection against staining.  Made on European hides.

Thickness : 1.2 / 1.3 mm
Average hide size : About 60 sq. ft (5.57 sq m)

Suitable for domestic and light contract use. 

Care Instructions

Cleaning: – a damp cloth and a pure mild soap solution will remove most stains. Care should be taken not to soak the leather. Do not use a detergent.

For further solutions, we recommend KERALUX from furniture care company LCK International

Technical Specification

Test Methods

EN ISO 11640  ISO 11641

Leather Characteristics

Colour fastness to-and-fro rubbing


50 Cycles, min 3 grey scale


20 Cycles, min 3  grey scale


20 Cycles, min 3 grey scale

Colour fastness to light

Min 3 Blue Scale EN ISO 105-B02

Colour Fastness to Water Spotting

DIN EN ISO 15700 : >3

Tear Strength

Min 20N EN ISO 3377-2

Water / Alcohol Drop Test


Whilst these values are typical of those expected, it is advisable to issue appropriate guidance with upholstered furniture to inform consumers of likely performance, as in service, care and maintenance instructions to avoid unnecessary problems.