About Us

JMT Leather is a leading world producer and innovator of all types of fine and quality leathers. We supply a whole range of users from traditional leather furniture manufacturers, to boat builders, architects and interior designers to the small independent artisan.

For over 20 years now, our leathers have been regarded by Professionals and Designers as the benchmark for the industry.

A constant inventory of 1.5 million sq.ft comprising 200 different product lines, colours and shades, guarantees a continuous and speedy delivery to you anywhere in the world.

Our leathers have been chosen for many prestigious projects and locations in the UK and elsewhere: airports, hotels, restaurants and bars, chains, franchises, boats, vehicles and aeroplanes.

Leather is nowadays a key word in the hospitality and design sector and has in the last twenty years grown from a low 10% to its present 50% of the upholstered furniture market.

It is hard wearing, durable, design conscious and still regarded as a luxury product. Our continuing technology has made it possible to produce the largest range of beautiful, soft, tactile leathers at affordable prices.

If you require something special, unusual or unique our leather laboratory in Italy will try to make it for you. If we can’t make it nobody can.

The JMT leather laboratory in Italy was established specifically to create and test new and different products and consequently we invite you to view our site regularly for up to date product information.

To assist you, we have at your disposal, a dedicated team of leather experts whom you can consult on any questions or queries regarding leather in general or on our products in particular.    

Our leather conforms to all the important industry standards and specifically the European ISO 9001 and, can be applied to domestic, industrial, marine, automotive and aviation requirements.


It is imperative for a Company to have an openly enunciated Philosophy, which sets out the Rules and Guidelines under which its Directors, Managers, Staff and Suppliers can confidently operate.

We have 6 basic yet fundamental principles:

1. Our credo is to maintain high-ethical and moral standards both internally, with our staff members, and externally with our customers and suppliers;

2. We judge people on their actual performance, not on their personality, education, personal traits or stated skills:

3. We endeavour to operate our business with a sense of Competitive Urgency;

4. All decision making is based on facts, not on preconceptions, prejudices or other subjective criteria;

5. We adjust our business practices whenever necessary to coincide with and respect beneficial environmental practices;

6. We are always mindful that its our customers who keep us in business and to stay in business we must give them an excellent, consistent, comprehensive and flexible service.

We have found that adopting a template of Ethical Standards, is in itself advantageous to our  business in that:

(a) It generates a greater and more predictable drive and efficiency among our staff members and contractors, because they can confidently, decisively and on their own initiative, instinctively do the right thing without fear of recourse;

(b) It enables us to attract high-caliber employees, thereby giving us a competitive edge as against our competitors;

(c) It enables us to build and maintain better and more profitable relations with our customers because it helps to develop a reciprocal sense of reliance , trust and mutual respect;