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Product Information


Colour : Peat (2329)

Description :

This is a luxurious, full aniline leather with a velvet nubuck finish.  It is for top quality applications, and can also be co-ordinated with our Barolo range for clients that require nubuck leather combinations.

Thickness : 0.9/1.1mm.
Average hide size : 50sqft (4.6 sqm)

Suitable for domestic and marine applications.

Care Instructions

This is an aniline nubuck leather produced on top quality hides. The surface has been buffed to produce a luxurious velvet nap. A wax has been applied during the tanning process which gives a certain amount of soiling resistance. This leather is not as colour fast as pigmented hides and should be protected from direct sunlight and not placed next to radiators and other heat sources. 

Cleaning: – a slightly dampened cloth and a pure mild soap solution can be used for light marks. However, extra care should be taken, as this type of leather can easily be damaged by spillages and soiling. Do not wet the leather as water staining may occur. Do not use detergent products. Read carefully the labels on proprietary products to check that they are suitable for nubuck leathers.

Technical Specification

Test Methods

EN ISO 11640  ISO 11641

Leather Characteristics

Colour fastness to-and-fro rubbing


50 Cycles, min 3 grey scale


20 Cycles, min 3 grey scale


20 Cycles, min 3 grey scale

Whilst these values are typical of those expected, it is advisable to issue appropriate guidance with upholstered furniture to inform consumers of likely performance, as in service, care and maintenance instructions to avoid unnecessary problems.

Colour fastness to light

Min 3 Blue Scale EN ISO 105-B02

PH and ΔpH

Min 3.2 If the pH value is below 4, ΔpH < 0.7 EN ISO 4045

Tear Strength

Min 20N EN 3377-1