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Product Information


Colour : Lemongrass 4712

Description :

A lightly pigmented leather produced with a natural milling grain to give a soft subtle feel.

Thickness : 1.1/1.3 mm
Average hide size : 54/56 sq ft

Suitable for all types of applications.

Care Instructions

Dust regularly with a soft lint free cloth, vacuum regularly with a soft brush as the accumulation of dust and crumbs, especially under seat cushions, can cause premature wearing. For intensive cleaning, use a damp clean cloth with the soft cleaner from JMT to remove light staining and apply leather care lotion P after cleaning. This keeps the leather in good condition because it re-fattens and moisturizes the leather and builds up the impregnation. Also, the additional sun protection helps to prevent early fading. Repeat 3-4 times per year.

Technical Specification

Test Method: ISO 2589 ISO 5402

Leather Characteristics

Colour Fastness to Light: Min 4 Blue Scale

Test Method: EN ISO 105-B02

Colour Fastness to Rubbing:

Dry 500 Cycles – Min 4 Grey Scale

Wet 200 Cycles – Min 3/4 Grey Scale

Perspiration 80 Cycles – Min 3 Grey Scale

Test Method: EN ISO 11640, EN ISO 11641

Finish Adhesion: Min 2 N/10mm

Test Method: ISO 1164

Tear Strength: Min 30 N

Test Method: EN ISO 3377-2

Fire test ASNZS3837 and AS 5637.1-2015.