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Product Information


Colour : Black (NAT100)

Description :

A totally chrome free leather, it is carefully produced by our leather laboratory on only the very best selection of bovine hides.  Only natural oils and vegetal dyes are used in its preparation.

To retain its wonderful softness, NATURA has been designed to react like human skin.  The pores have not been sealed with a finishing chemical, but are kept open, allowing it to breath and exhale moisture moisture according to the environment in which it is placed.

Each individual hide is unique, showing off its particular personality of small scars, pigmentation variations and slight abrasions.  Far from being considered defects, the idiosyncracies enhance the natural beauty and individuality of each hide.

Thickness :
Average hide size :

Care Instructions

Cleaning: – a slightly dampened cloth and a pure mild soap solution can be used for light marks. However, extra care should be taken, as this type of leather can easily be damaged by spillages and soiling. Do not wet the leather as water staining may occur. Do not use detergent products. Read carefully the labels on proprietary cleaners.

Technical Specification

Ecologically sound, only vegetable extracts and natural oils used in the tanning process*

Environmentally friendly


Suitable for those who are allergic to chrome and other tanning chemicals

Note:  NATURA, like all uncoated leathers, may show slight differences in colour intensity from dye lot to dye lot.  It may also fade over time but even then, it will still retain its allure.

*With the exception of NAT60 for which small quatities of chrome-free artificial tanning agents are used to prevent the colour from yellowing in response to heating.